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Pyramidal Neurons | Science Animation
Visual Solutions for
Science and Healthcare


Specializing in visual design solutions for the biomedical sciences and healthcare. Our studio offers animation, illustration, and other design services with the goal of helping you meet your communication challenges — telling your vision, your stories.

Insulin Receptors on Membrane | 3D Biomedical Animation
Who We Are


Carbon Coded is a Medical Animation and Illustration Studio dedicated to creating beautiful and engaging visual solutions for our clients in science, healthcare, and beyond. We are scientists and communicators who are deeply passionate about visual design and science education. We believe in the power of visual design to engage, to inspire, to educate, and most important of all, to build stronger lines of communication between you and your audience.


Arterial Circulation | 3D Biomedical Animation
What We Do


We are a multimedia design studio specializing in science communication. Whether you’re looking to create powerful infographics for a powerpoint, capture imaginations with journal covers, or reveal novel biomolecular discoveries, we can help.



Journal Figures, Journal Covers, Infographics, Posters, Surgical Illustrations


Script Writing, Storyboarding, Animation, Compositing, and Sound Editing services.

Graphic Design


Logo Design, Branding Packaging and Marketing Graphics, Web Design

Brain Anatomy and Cross-section | 2D Medical Illustration
How We Work


We work closely and collaboratively with our clients, big and small, to really understand the needs and objectives of their work and their mission. Whether it is a simple illustration, a complex biological animation, or a novel presentation format, we always strive to innovate and design visual products that are custom fit to foster better engagement between our clients and their audience.

Research and Ideation

We always start by listening to your needs and communication goals. We're here to help you realize your vision, but we're also not afraid to guide you and to provide alternative solutions and products when we believe it is in your best interest.

What to expect?

This stage usually takes about 10% of project's total duration, depending on your project goals. We are also happy to adjust the scope of your project to work within your budget.

Drafting, Sketching, Scripting

Before we jump into production, we always dedicate time to ideation and concept-building. For example, if this is an animation, then we are talking script writing and storyboarding. This stage is dynamic and fast paced as we work towards a blueprint for your product.

What to expect?

This stage usually takes up 30–40% of the project's total duration. We never skip this step. In our experience, the more robust and aligned we can be in creating a blueprint—whether a site map, storyboard, and illustration draft—the greater chance of delivering a successful and lasting product.

Animating, Rendering, Style Dev

Once the blueprint is finalized, production begins. We'll be checking in with style development updates to keep you abreast of production milestones. Otherwise, this is when our team digs in with animating and rendering as we race towards realizing your product.

What to expect?

This stage takes up anywhere from 50–60% of the project's total duration. We start this stage by developing and finalizing a style and look for your product, if it hasn't yet been decided. To avoid delays, any narrative and/or subject matter decisions are resolved during preproduction.

Production Timeline
Research, Ideation
Drafting, Sketching, Scripting
Style Development, Animating, Rendering, Editing
Gut Bacteria | 3D Biomedical Animation
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